Lucrative keywords are those, which have high value . Advertisers pay high price in adwords, to rank for such keywords. Most of these lucrative keywords are product-oriented, which means, the users search these keywords to know about a product, which they want to buy.

If a website ranks for a lucrative keyword, its RPM will be higher. This is the reason, why some sites have higher CPM rates than the others. Moreover, if the site has affiliate links, then there are chances, that the user may go to product site and buy it.

But we all know, that if a keyword is profitable, then competition on it, will also be high.

So, how can we find lucrative keywords that are easy to rank for?

Hey guys! I’m Poonam, an S.E.O. enthusiast at explorekeywords.com. And in this video, I will tell you how we can find profitable keywords, on which we can rank easily, without spending a penny!

Step 1

Before we move forward, we must know what exactly we want keywords for. I mean, we cannot just go and find lucrative keywords. First, we must have a niche specific website, on which we have content, relating to particular types of products. For example, we can have a website dedicated to laptops , or phones, or clothing , and so on. There are thousands of such categories.

If you are still confused about selecting a niche, drop your comment below and we will help you choose one.

If you are done with this step, then we can proceed to find lucrative keywords.

Step 2

First, we must know, if the product is still being searched or not. For example, we won’t get traffic, if we write an article on MacBook Pro 2012, because, it is outdated.

We need to check the trend of our product first. For that,
go to explorekeywords.com, and, click, Keyword Volume checker

Insert the name of product. For example, I need to find lucrative keywords relating to “Real me X7 Pro”. This is known as “seed keyword”.

Hit search, and here we get a graph of average searches of this product, in last 12 months . Now that we know, that this product is trending since September, we can move to the next step.

Step 3

Go to explorekeywords.com, and click, Affiliate Keywords Generator. Insert the product name and hit search. Here we can get hundreds of long-tail keywords, which are easy to rank for.

I think the keyword “real me x7 pro good for gaming” is good for my article. I will copy it and save in Google Keep.

Step 4

Now, I will go to, “Instant Keyword Suggestions” Tool, and insert the seed keyword. Here, we get many more keywords, which we can use as subheadings for our article. We can copy some of them and add to the list in Google Keep.

Step 5

Its time to find more keywords for our article. For that, we will go to , question keywords suggestions tool, and insert, the seed keyword.

Here, I can see many questions relating to our product, which people ask in Google. I will copy all the keywords which I can include in the FAQ section of my article.

Thats it! Isn’t that easy?

Hope this article proved helpful for you.

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