M. Athar Malik

Web Development | Marketing | PhD (English)
Mohammad Athar

The Many Hats of Athar: Not Just for Fashion!”

Ever met someone who’s equally comfortable analyzing literature, optimizing YouTube channels, and diving into the depths of AI? Well, brace yourself! Here’s a sneak peek into the eclectic world of skills I’ve amassed. Spoiler: It’s not just because I had extra time between tea breaks! 😉

My Skills

WordPress / Building and managing websites using the WordPress CMS.

Programming / Proficient in Javascript, PHP, and HTML/CSS.

ChatGPT / Experienced in conversational AI and chatbot integrations.

Research Analysis / Skilled in qualitative data analysis from PhD studies.

SEO / Holistic web optimization and strategic online presence management.

Content Strategy / Building effective content strategies for businesses & institutions.

YouTube / Proficient in SEO techniques and growth strategies for channel growth.

Digital Humanities / Intersection of digital technologies and humanities disciplines.

If you’re thinking, “Is there anything this guy can’t do?”, well, there’s only one way to find out! Slide into my inbox and let’s chat. Who knows? Maybe we’ll discover a skill I didn’t even know I had! 🚀