M. Athar Malik

Web Development | Marketing | PhD (English)

Hello! Meet

Mohammad Athar Malik!

From the serene valleys of Darhal in Jammu and Kashmir to the bustling streets of Delhi, meet Athar: an SEO aficionado who knows how to make WordPress sing! A man whose journey began with browsing internet on Nokia Browser (Nokia 6300) at 2g speed and has since flourished into a vast digital realm, all while staying rooted in the humanities. The blend of art and algorithm? That’s Athar’s daily cup of chai!

Still curious? Dive into the Athar Chronicles!

Behind the digital maestro that Athar is today lies the story of a boy from Darhal, a picturesque valley where dreams are as vast as the horizons. His tryst with technology began in his teen years — browsing internet at 2g speed wasn’t just a pastime; it was a passion. But how does a lad, deeply in love with the arts, find himself in the binary world of zeros and ones?

It’s his insatiable hunger for growth, an interdisciplinary zeal, and a spirit that believes in bridging worlds. Now, living in the heart of Delhi and armed with academic prowess from Agra University, Athar is on a mission. A mission to marry the vast world of humanities with the intricate art of digital strategy. And as this journey unfolds, one can’t help but wonder: What’s the next digital summit this valley boy will conquer?